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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get yer ice lollies here

Magnet #1223 - Ice Cream

Ok, fine. Ice lollies are technically popsicles from what I understand, but this magnet my sister got me still fits. Because...

This. I have been craving this for ages now. But like, not the stuff I can run down to Food Lion or Harris Teeter to pick up.

All the freakin' NYC food truck tweets from @VLAIC and @CoolhausNY are driving me crazy, popping up on my TweetDeck, telling me where they're stationed every day. Makes me crazy because I can't get to them from here in NC!

If you haven't had Van Leeuwen ice cream before, you're missing out - my absolute favorite ice cream on Earth right now.

So much so, that it was actually on the Con list of quitting my last job, because their butter yellow truck is usually parked down the street from their building. In the end, the ice cream couldn't prevail...but it just means I'll have to walk further for it, I guess.
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