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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Goooood morning, Nepal!

Magnet #284 - On-Air Newseum

My sisters and I all ended up in some form of communications. I started out in publishing, and am now in advertising. The middle sister, who gave me this On-Air magnet from the Newseum in DC, is in newspaper journalism. And, at least until April, the youngest, is in broadcast radio. In Nepal.

We probably inherited it from my maternal grandfather, who after gotten his law degree, published the only newspaper back in Cebu City, Philippines. They owned a building on a town square, and on the ground floor, that's where they had the printing press.

My earliest memories of both my grandfather and the Philippines are of seeing the giant presses, and when Grandpa would come to the US, we would take him to some sort of press equipment place, where he would go and purchase the individual typeset letters to bring home to the PI. And when Grandma found out that I would be in publishing, she offered to give that same press to me, in case I needed it for my work. Very sweet.

The reason I picked today's magnet is because the youngest sister is part of Equal Access, a nonprofit organization, that put together charity football match to benefit children living with HIV and AIDS. She helped voice a PSA for the event, where she sounds supercool. I mean, I'd want to go to the event.

She posted about the experience on her blog...but you know the coolest part is that apparently the event was actually covered by BBC News!

Superneat! And for a great cause.

And of course, I'm going to have Robin Williams in my head all day now.
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julie said...

yay! a big shout out on the magnet blog. cool! thanks!! :) and for linking back to my blog...

joy said...

Well, of course. I've just been waiting for you to be on air so that I could use this magnet from Jenny.