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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One girl's rubbish is another's...well, I tried

Magnet #299 - UnDisney Snow White

So, on my first day, I think I might have walked all over hell and half of London. I:

- Saw Dublin and the London from the air.
- Arrived at BA's heralded (and much advertised) Terminal 5, but didn't see any marine life swimming around inside. And, no, I still don't get the ad, but the building's awesome.
- Had a full English brekkie at Tom's Kitchen, which was ok, I suppose.
- Visited the new Saatchi Gallery (more below)
- Saw Battersea Power Station, no longer in use, but was the Cybermen factory on Doctor Who
- Saw MI-6 headquarters, one of the 1001 Buildings to See Before You Die
- Popped into the Tate Britain
- Saw Thames House, MI-5's headquarters
- Saw the Buxton Memorial
- Saw Parliament
- Stood under Big Ben as he chimed 1pm.

And that was all before you guys went to work this morning. Then I:
- Got asked for directions by a cuteboy who looked like a grown-up Harry Potter
- Checked in to my hotel.
- Went to the Natural History Museum.
- Then the V&A.
- Then I bought boutique chocolate at Harrod's.
- Was underwelmed by the Trafalgar Christmas tree - sorry, Norway.
- Then Gordon's Wine Bar (which we immediately left, as it was totally a cuteboy afterwork crowd, and WAY too claustrophobic)
- Then dinner at Biagio's Piccolo Diavolo where I almost recreated my BA Cannelloni epiphany.
- Bought boutique chocolate at Fortnum & Mason.
- Saw BAFTA headquarters.
- Saw where Bela Bartok lived. Yes, I took piano.
- Got off of the bus at the wrong stop.
- Raided a Tesco Express for snacks.
- Hooked my internet, so that I can get some work done. And write this up.

So, the Saatchi Gallery for contemporary art was interesting - it's where I picked up today's magnet. They basically refurbished another old building, into a gallery. And while there was some interesting art - like in one room there were old guys (whom I thought were real at first) dressed up as world leaders (I think) and aimlessly wandering the room in automatic wheelchairs, or the Chinese artist who took historical images (like the one at Yalta), and inserted Mao into it (done really well).

But, today's most disturbing thing I've ever seen (besides seeing the Diana and Dodi memorial at Harrods) was this one piece called Angel. It was a VERY lifelike fallen man, facedown on the floor, dressed in a white robe AND WINGS. He had these (chicken-like) wings that were lightly feathered, and hanging askew. Ew. It was so scary. And, quite disturbing. Did I mention it was disturbing? Because it was. Disturbing.

And if it freaked me out, I just know that the child that was rounding the corner into that gallery was gonna end up having nightmares. Sheesh.

On the one hand, I know all good art makes you question, or can make you feel uncomfortable. Umm, yeah. Mission accomplished.
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Anonymous said...

omg, I am exhausted just reading what you did today - AMAZING.

and, that's what I so hate about modern art sometimes. I mean what does a pile of bags in cheap plastic sandwich bags under a neon ligh say about the world (courtesy centre pompidou). sorry about the creepy guy floor art.

julie said...

hey... don't forget to go to the winston churchill museum! one of the COOLEST museums i've been to (and tatay's favorite!). :)

and how do you know it wasn't Daniel Radcliffe asking you for directions????

jen said...

I have you beat: I saw Big Ben chime noon. Heh. But you did see the real Thames House, so let's just call it even. Say hi to Gloucester Road for me. I love Tesco Express...

joy said...

Yeah. Churchill's got bumped again. I figure it's been there for more than 50 years, so it's not going anywhere.

Selfridges and M&S and Hamley's were bumped yesterday, so I'm hoping to make that up somewhere. Sigh.

The Geek said...

Oh lord. I'll say one thing for you: you're definitely a girl who knows how to pack a day full of sight-seeing goodness. :-)

If you happen to run into Orlando Bloom, Christian Bale, Colin Firth, David Tennant, Gareth David-Lloyd, Jonas Armstrong, Clive Owen, Ewan McGregor, or Daniel (Radcliffe OR Craig), please inform him/them that they've only got a little more than a month to wait for my arrival. :-) If they could just please be patient...

Glad you're having fun!