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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

O Red Christmas Tree

Magnet #306 - Christmas Tree person

A friend gave me this magnet. I can't figure out if the lady in the tree is cute, or slightly disturbing.

I love Christmas trees. I love laying down on my back under the tree, and looking up at the twinkling lights.

But, I'm a bit torn on whether I like real or fake.

We grew up with real ones - whether it was one we picked out in our backyard, or at a tree farm, it was always fun to go get the tree.

When we got older, Mom got all Southern Living on us, and decorated the tree on her own.
Now, it's this giant fake tree with red color-coordinated ornaments and bows, encased in a funny barbed wire-esque red twine-ny starry thing. You have to see it, to believe it.

But, I can understand - live trees seem to be a lot of trouble. I remember whining about having to water the trees, and trying to be mindful not to get the presents wet. And good gravy, the pine needle clean-up!

Still - my favorite part of New York at Christmastime, is walking past the tree vendors on the sidewalks. Get a good tree farm, and when you walk through the bundled trees, it smells like North Carolina. Home.

And, speaking of - my sister and I are driving down to NC, so we'll be seeing the great red tree tonight! Here's hoping the other 17 million on the roads yesterday and today are keeping the highways moving!

Let the holidays begin!
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The Geek said...

My feelings:

1. Real trees rock my world. Can't beat the smell.

2. That lady in the tree IS slightly disturbing.

Merry Christmas Eve!

joy said...

Merry Christmas, GG!

Yeah, the more I look at her up close, she's scarier than I remembered.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about England, well next to Jammie Dodgers, was that almost every tree was real. Love real trees.