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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Props to Big Al

Magnet #285 - Florida

On my way home, I picked this magnet up at the fabulous Tampa airport, because the gator just cracks me up.

I just spent the last few days at Innisbrook Golf Resort, where I learned to drive a golf cart like a pro, but still have never held a real live golf club in my hand.

On the fourth hole on Copperhead course, there's this fairly big water feature (heh, new term for me) with Big Al, the alligator. Someone showed me a picture of Big Al on Monday, and then I saw her myself in the exact same place the next day. But, I had convinced myself that the gator was actually just a stupid prop that the groundskeepers just moved from place to place.

So yesterday, I was driving one of the clients out on the course, rather blase about the gator prop, as we were approaching the water. He says to me, "You think it's a prop? Well, that's an interesting theory."

Just as we were passing the gator, just close enough to see her eyes, the darn thing was startled by our golf cart and hopped up and dove into the water.

Freaked. Me. Out. I slammed on the brakes, and we pitched forward, and all the while the client chuckled his ass off at me.

Yeah. Umm, Big Al.

Not a prop.
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Erika said...

Just think, it could've come *at* you!

The Geek said...

Ack! Bet you're glad to be back in the Big Apple, where the giant alligators that live in your sewers are just stuff of legend.


julie said...

hahahahahahaha, that's funny. i bet the client thought you were silly. but you freak out at everything that comes as a surprise!

joy said...

Yes. After having been in "nature" for the last few days, it's nice to see some concrete.

I just added a link in for a pic of Big Al above.