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Monday, December 1, 2008

Heavily defended, properly fortified

Magnet #283 - Castillo de San Marcos

Heh, sounds almost like a cereal. Castillo de San Marcos is one of the oldest forts in America, located in St. Augustine, FL, just down the street from the Fountain of Youth. Yes, also not Tampa proper.

More than 330 years ago, Spain originally built the fort to defend their New World claims, and spent something like $30 million in today's money for it.

It's funny how any old fort that you visit throughout the world looks the same. Made of rocks, lots of old canons, canon shell holes, the dark and dank storage rooms with the iron grates, excellent vantage points, small peepholes, and odd patches of grass scattered within. Seems like the only thing that changes are the uniform designs of the men that defended it.

Yep, it's totally meta that I'm using a magnet from a fort on today of all days - I'll be needing all the armor and fortification that I can get, just to get through it.

Our real work begins today - odd for me to say since really, one of the most useless people on a tv ad shoot is the account person. But, I'm sure we'll be running and gunning just to get through this day and achieve all of our shots.

Hopefully the weather cooperates. It's the one thing we can't, are you there, God, it's me, joy.

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julie said...

haha, being the control freaks that our family is... it really pisses me off that we can't control the weather. luckily, the weather here is perfect! i can't believe you're hanging out in tampa... what are you like 80? isn't that where the golden girls were? maybe you could find their house and grab a magnet...

Anonymous said...

The best thing about Tampa is that it is across the bridge from my hometown of St. Petersburg. Prettiest beaches in Florida. Since you hate beaches, I guess that isn't much of a draw. Oh well.

Erika said...

Weather report says partly cloudy tomorrow. Good luck!