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Saturday, December 6, 2008

They sell pens there, don't they?

Magnet #288 - Polka Dots

Yeah, I'll pretty much buy anything if it's shiny and has pretty colors. This one was part of a set from Staples.

I love office and/or school supplies. I can spend a good hour just roaming around Staples or Office Max/Depot, and at least half of that time just in the Post-it Center alone. I love the Post-it Centers! They've expanded their range of post-its and flags to make them pretty colors and designs. So, yeah, I'll admit to having a small lunchbox at work to house my Post-it collection. And it cheers me so, dropping cute paper post-it notes on work docs or in packages. Check out this EepyBird Sticky Note Experiment - is one the coolest things I've seen using sticky notes. Awesome.

Also, pretty pens make me happy. I'm a pen stealer - people at work hide their pens when I come visit their desks. I tend to pick them up to write with, and then forget that it's not mine, and I walk away with them.

A client once made fun of me writing with pretty, pretty purple ink, on my pretty, pretty pink paper notebook. What? There's no law against having a sense of fun when you go into those boring business meetings! Of course, this was the same client who, when he came back into his office, caught me going through his pen cup, looking for corporate swag pens to steal. What? They were supercool pens!

And who doesn't love corporate swag! The best gift he ever got me was a branded water bottle, filled to the brim with my favorite branded pens. Loved those. Still got 'em at my desk.

Yep. I just wrote a whole magnetpost on the beauty of office supplies. Shut it. You just read this whole post. And, what's more know you love office supplies, too. Who doesn't?
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The Geek said...

Oh, pen stealers are the bane of my existence. There have been a couple doctors who never seem to have pens on them, and when they need one, the lowly student is the first to be asked for theirs. "Can I use your pen for a moment? I'll give it back." Famous last words. I've never had a pen returned. I finally just started carrying a reliable one in an inner pocket and displaying three or four crappy Bics in my breast pocket to be stolen.

joy said...

Hee, we could never work together. You'd be penless.