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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bigger on the inside

Magnet #632 - The Doctor's TARDIS

Yeah, that doesn't ever sound dirrty at all. But, Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, that's what the TARDIS is. Everyone just knows it as the little blue wooden box that that's impossibly bigger on the inside than the outside.

What? I had to use it for today - Doctor Who was a trending topic for at least a few hours today, given that it was the UK premiere of the third to the last David Tennant specials.

And, no, no matter how much disdain and disapproval I get for watching it through "alternative resources," I couldn't resist watching The Waters of Mars online. Twice. About to be three, once the commentaries go up. And probably a few more times after that.

Sorry - but it's not like I'm spoiling the US market with what's happened. And, it's not like I haven't spent a trillion dollars on Doctor Who stuff. I'm totally buying the DVDs, and of course, I'll be buying the DT/Ten DW Specials box set when it becomes available next year.

So you know what, BBC and BBC-A? You guys continue to stagger your DW airings all you want. Still gonna watch it on both premiere dates, it'll just feel like a little time traveling of my own, is all.
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