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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't forget me, indeed

Magnet #620 - The Doctor's Good-bye

It's well documented here on joy magnetism my love for David Tennant's Doctor. At least 44 times, anyway. (Jeepers, he's not only edged out, but lapped, Clooney! Whoa.)

So, of course I had to find a magnet for last week's Sarah Jane Adventures crossover (and the vid diaries). There were so many magnets I could have used, but in the end, I had to make a magnet out of this sniffly av. (I know, it's getting out of control, the magnet-making. Not my fault, I tell you.)

The crossover was sad, more for poor Sarah Jane than for her saying good-bye to Ten. No doubt they'll crossover Eleven, just to get that weird older SJ/Baby Emo Doctor dynamic in there. At some point, Eleven might as well just call her mom, too.

I'd probably have been more heartbroken by this episode, if I'd watched Sarah Jane's adventures with the Doctor back in the 80s. Then again, every time I see the old clips, I can't picture anything more than a dad/daughter dynamic there.

Still. We're saying good-bye to David, with just the November special, the Christmas Day and the New Year's specials left to go.

I just saw David on his Masterpiece Contemporary hosting gig - it didn't make me want to watch the actual show, and a few minutes each week for a few weeks isn't nearly enough.

So, hurry up and do something stateside, dude. And by stateside, I mean Broadway. Please and thank you.

Hold the presses. My next stop after posting this magnetpost was my gmail, for the latest Google Alert. Weird. They're reporting (Zap2It says that Hollywood Reporter says) that David's up for some NBC pilot, playing a lawyer in a comedy-drama.

1) Really, David? Really? NBC? Honestly?
2) See #1.
3) C'mon, David.

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The Geek said...

::opens my mouth to say something, then closes it::


::opens my mouth again, then reconsiders and closes it::




joy said...


Which part, dude?

That he's said good-bye to SJ?
That we have only 3 episodes left with David?
That we'll soon be left with Baby EmoDoctor?
That David's supercute on his Masterpiece Contemp segments?
That David got a gig in the US?
That he went for a lawyer role?
That he'll most assuredly be wearing soots [sic] in that lawyer role?
That he'll have to master an American accent?

Or, that of all the networks in all the world, he's gonna be on NBC?

The Geek said...

Umm... the bits about US, lawyer, suits, accent, and NBC.

I'm excited!

And worried.

I'm happy he'll be on NBC because then I get to see him on a regular basis. NBC seems as good a choice as any. I would have had an actual problem with it if he'd chosen FOX. Then my head may have exploded.

He seems to have a decent knack for accents, so I don't think an American one will give him too much trouble, but I'm also 99% sure that if he loses his British or Scottish and adopts an American, it'll be like Sampson cutting off his hair. Will I still find him attractive? Or will he have lost all his super powers? Can he be a British lawyer working at a US firm? Better yet, a Scottish one?

Suits I'm fine with. Suits I look forward to. Suits that maybe have more than one cut and one color, and don't always have Converse attached to the bottom of them.

I don't mind him being a lawyer. It's better than him joining the cast of Grey's, because then we'd all get PTSD listening to him introduce himself as "Dr. _____." The Doctor can't have a last name! Agh!

I'm in--I'll definitely watch anything he gets himself a role on. I'm just not going to promise I'll like it.

The Geek said...

I take it back--I totally want him to do a quick guest spot on Grey's WITH his Scottish accent, and then he can introduce himself as Dr. McManus, or Dr. McDougal, or Dr. McWhatever, and they can do the whole joke of "Did we give him that name? Because it doesn't make as much sense as McDreamy." I'm sure they could come up with something truly funny--there's a good joke in there somewhere. I'm sure they could find it.