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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm a dreamer

Magnet #636 - Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

I picked this up wandering around Times Square a couple of months ago. I love those TSQ/Broadway swag stores! So much stuff! Of course, I also get the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS catalog each year, and so I see a lot of the same cool stuff. But, I can't go down this road of buying swag from every single show I see. That would be nuts, wouldn't it?

But, I had to get this one, cuz hello, ya'll saw me wax poetic about my still-to-star-on-Broadway-but-will-get-there-yet Lee Mead, and how he won the Joseph role on BBC and Andrew Lloyd Webber's reality series, Any Dream Will Do, a few years ago. Adorable, that Lee Mead. Seriously. See?

Sigh. If I could get he and David Tennant to star in something here in town, with maybe Clooney producing, that'd be the trifecta cuteboy show made of cuteboy awesome.

What? A girl can dream.

Well, maybe not so much this girl, not lately anyway. With a couple of national TV spots in play, work on seven other clients, and an Italian trip to plan, the sleep I sleep nowadays is in small increments. And even then, I have these technicolor, not-acid-induced-but-surely-this-is-what-it-must-be-like, dreams where I'm deliriously slurring my words and getting into fights with coworkers. Great. Dreamjoy's an AA candidate. Oh well.

Oh, and speaking of technicolor, not-acid-induced-but-surely-this-is-what-it-must-be-like, decisions - what the heck was BBC-America thinking, letting Garth Ancier get away?

The man's responsible for the goody-two-shoe'd CamRents, the moue-faced Buffy, the melty-faced Joey, the Pacey-goo'd, and the squint-y Pru'd generation over at the former WB!

He's the reason why half of America's even bothering to watch BBC-America! I mean What. Are. You. Tripping. On?
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1 comment:

jen said...

I'm telling you. The guy from "Glee" versus Lee. It would be difficult. Lee should do a Brit version of "Glee." If only so I can see him on my TV again. Love!