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Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh, the impossibilities!

Magnet #626 - Escher's Belvedere

Another cool art magnet from the Pomegranate folks. Oh, you know how I love them so.

This is a magnet of M.C. Escher's Belvedere lithograph. Like his Cycle, the image totally draws you in.

At first glance, it looks pretty darn cool. But then, you look closer, and you realize it's a structure built of impossible planes, stairs, pillars and perspectives.

Lookit, or here, if you don't want to download, or here, if you want to see the Lego version. Quite amazing.

I just happen to like this piece because of the sheer impossibility of it all, even if it looks perfectly normal.

Yeah, I was planning on going deeper than that - waxing poetic about how while advertising looks fairly normal on the outside, the more time you spend in it, the more you realized that all we do is try to sell possibilities and impossibilities, and how admen are all rainmaking salesguys. Which is true.

And I'd expound on it further, were I not already late for an admen meeting where we're going to make rain and sell some possibilities and creative.

Oh, and some impossibilities, too. Heh.
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