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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You can comb and brush her hair

Magnet #621 - My Little Pony, Sweetie Belle

Oh, yeah. You know it, baby. Hello, My Little Pony.

These were a few years behind me, but as I mentioned before, this is what having little sisters will do for ya. You remember their stuff, along with your own. And, I do remember a couple of them running around the house, along with a couple of little girls trying to tame the untame-able manes - no matter what brush they used.

The Early Show is doing a week-long Time Machine segment this week. And, despite the fact that their time machine isn't a blue wooden Police box with a hot Doctor inside, it's proven to be a fun little walk down memory lane.

A couple of days ago was 1979, when Happy Meals were introduced and they had the cast of Dallas. Yesterday was 1990, when VIP Vanilla Ice had a DJ who revolved it, and some funny hair. And he was up there, sans funny hair, but singing Ice Ice Baby...with ole Maggie Rodriguez breakin' it down on stage with him like that time machine really did work for her. Heh. Today was 1983, when juice boxes first came on the scene, and half of the cast of Knots Landing talking with Harry Smith.

Anyway, I totally made this magnet, literally torn out of my Happy Meal box from last weekend.

What? You don't need a kid to have a Happy Meal.

Though, I can't figure out why McDonald's is doing a My Little Pony tie-in right now. I could have sworn a live action MLP movie was in the offing. Then I saw this live-action trailer, and laughed my ass off.
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1 comment:

jen said...

Maybe because they needed "girl" toys? They asked me if my Happy Meal was for a boy or a girl. I chose girl. Though some little girls would have chosen the "boy" toys: Astroboy.