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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vampire Saturday

Magnet #631 - NYC Skykisser, wha?

Heh. So I spent a long time trying to figure out what building this was. Like, so long that I fell asleep trying. Not even joking. It's why I'm late with this thing.

If you know which building it is, let me know. I think it's the Chicago Tribune building, having just seen it fairly up close this year. But, these Lucy Lu Mighty Magnet descriptions (I got these at the Met, I think) say that it's NYC. Then I thought it was the Woolworth building, but it's not. Then I started wracking my brain for other NYC buildings.

Then, well, I got bored with the game.

Anyway, I like this building because it's all gothic-y, and it was very much in keeping with the theme of my Saturday, a day spent at the Paley Center's Vampire Weekend. OML, remember how I have that habit of liking things - like, a lot - but then I go to things/places/events/panels, and am reminded that my love is but a mere pittance to some of the grand love affairs people have with these things? Yeah. Check.

I've mentioned before that I'm so very over the vampire thing - mainly because I was a Buffy/Angel girl, and a Blood Ties girl. And, if pushed, a Moonlight girl. But, the Buffy/Angel thing was years ago for me, and I didn't want to be part of this next cycle. And yet, I went to the Paley Center thing anyway - with the queen of Vampire novels herself (not one, but two of her books were mentioned!), and then with another friend who has fallen down the supernatural rabbit hole. But, they're what made the day fun!

And it was fun. Well, if you don't count that one fan (there's always one) who believes that watching a panel that was filmed earlier is an interactive thing. They can't hear your editorial comments, lady. I don't care what board you post on. Dudes - don't get me wrong - my television and I carry on healthy conversations all the time. But not in a public forum. Then again, she was entertaining as well, I suppose. Oddly, she didn't interact when it came to the real live panel forum.

So, I was saying. Fun. Watching the panelists defend their vampires (Buffy/Angel, Dark Shadows, Salem's Lot, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and of course, the sparkly kid from Twilight), watching all the folks scramble for the trivia games (my reaction time has slowed considerably, I've found), and watching all the cool clips (no, those were great fun).

Overall great job, Paley Center - what a fun afternoon. And thanks for the fun HBO swag!
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