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Friday, September 4, 2009

The undead, really won't die!

Magnet #560 - Shakespeare's Macbeth

Oh, Shakespeare, how little did you know that your work would be used for a superUOA in 2009? An Unpopular Opinion Ahead so unpopular, it could get me staked, even.

I loved The Lost Boys in the 80s. I loved the silly Dark Shadows remake in the 90s. And, like everyone else, I loved/watched/own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I even watched Moonlight and Blood Ties. I dabbled in reading Laurell K. Hamilton back in the day.

Now? I am so over this vampire thing already. There's such a thing as striking while an iron is hot, but seriously? Seriously. There's the:

  • True Blood books
  • True Blood TV series
  • True Blood beverages
  • True Blood advertising, social media activity and cons
  • Twilight books
  • Twilight movies
  • Twilight advertising, social media activity and cons
  • Being Human TV series
  • Being Human advertising
  • Vampire Diaries re-released books (which predate those Twilight books)
  • Vampire Diaries TV series (written by Kevin Williamson so it'll end up a vampy version of Dawson's Creek and scares me a bit)
  • Vampire Diaries advertising blitz (Even though I actually kinda love the promo shots, and I'm not sure how I'll like Ian Sommerhalder as the bad vamp and Paul Wesley as the good vamp, and there's a part of me that thinks like how DC ended up as Pacey's Pond? Vampire Diaries is gonna be Boone's Journal, or some such thing.)
And, I totally know there's more out there. But, my fingers got tired.

But all of that? That's just on TV. Not counting movies. Not even counting every single vampire romance/sci-fi/fantasy book series, webseries, comics and manga series out there. 67,000 search results under books alone on Amazon!

What. The. Hell.


I swear, no offense to anyone who is in love with the glittery Edward, or dug (yuk-yuk) the Bill/Sookie cemeterysex, or who's reading the latest vampire romance..but everywhere I turn these days, there's another bloodsucking image, and complete vampire market saturation.

So, yeah. Over. It. Someone get a vampire slayer in here stat.

No, wait. They already did that.
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jen said...

Really, Angel is the only vampire in my book. Though Edward gives him a slight run for his money.

The Geek said...

Team Jacob all the way here. Gimme a hot werewolf over a vamp any day. :)

Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

I'm with ya, joy! But I didn't like vampires to begin with (and to this date, have still never seen an episode of Buffy--shocking!) so it doesn't mean as much for me to say I'm sick of vamps, you know?

Elizabeth said...

Hee - did one along these lines myself. It'll post on Monday (love how you can write 'em ahead of time!).

julie said...

Why write it if it's already been done?

As for the vampire debate... can I just say, the Vampire Diaries (the books) were WAAAAAYYYY better than Twilight. And I disagree on all the casting for the tv show because they were way cooler than that.

Erika said...

Saying that there's too many vampires around is like saying there are too many men around. They're all different in their own way, each to be appreciated individually.

joy said...

@Erika, I totally see your point about the men=vampires. It's a good one. Plus, I guess out of all the supernatural creatures, vamps are the sexiest option, methinks. I mean, werewolves are hairy (sorry, GoldenGait), and shapeshifters could be a little dirrty, and ghosts make for some funny situations (hi, Terry Lawrence's Lovewept - Shadow Lover).

Like, I get why there's a ton of vamps out there, I'm just ready for the tide to turn already.