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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stop bein' ugly

Magnet #561 - Happy Bunny's You're ugly, and that's sad

I've wondered what to do about this Happy Bunny magnet - for sure, I didn't want to do a post on someone ugly. But, it struck me today that it's perfect for this rather timely minirant...

"Bein' ugly" is a phrase down South that I've heard for most of my life - it's a catch-all phrase for when people are being rude, and in general, for conduct unbecoming.

I've said it a couple of times up here in New York, and each time, I've gotten funny looks for saying it. But, it's something that always goes through my head (oddly, in one of my former BFF's voices), whenever I'm doing something wrong, or I see someone being, well, ugly.

I'm seeing a lot of that going around of late. Everywhere I turn - at work or on the subway, wherever - it feels like I'm seeing more and more people infighting and backstabbing, badmouthing and playing the sycophant, being passive-aggressive, short-tempered and rude, and being just plain ugly to one another.

I feel like it's not just me - that the reason it's everywhere, is that it's just something that's inherent to bad economic times, where people are just under more stress, and closer to their breaking points. Believe me, I'm no exception to the rule. Even when it's deserved, it's still disturbing to see, and embarrassing to be a part of.

And I suppose we can't do anything about it, except behave. And be the best people we can be.

Oh. And for me, occasionally scream at the top of my lungs, "Stop bein' ugly!"

In my head. Obvi.

But if I may take a moment to be that I've had time to mull on yesterday and some time to think about today's magnet. This post might seem like I'm chastising a few aggressive comments made here, on Twitter and on Facebook yesterday. I'm not.

Clearly, my dear readers and I are noticing too many similarities to my writing style in other content being put out there. Clearly, I'm not happy. Clearly, I can't copyright writing style or voice, or even content.

But I'm done with being passive-aggressive. This is me drawing a line in this magnetblog sand.

Here it is: Not to be ugly, or anything, but find your own damn voice and stop trying to steal mine.
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