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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buffalo. Be surprised.

Magnet #571 - Anchor Bar, Buffalo, NY

The first time I went to Buffalo, we didn't do our research before going - instead, we just drove around Buffalo. It was freakin' cold, and I remember lots of snow, and we didn't stop the car. Like, at all. Like, we exited the highway, drove around, and got back on the highway.

No joke. I mean, it was a classic speed-dating city drive-through. Only instead of knowing what we were passing, we were going, Hey! Lookit! There's a buffalo in Buffalo!

I mean that literally - you know those cool art project animals they always have? That's what we were gawking at. I have pictures - albeit slightly blurry. What with us being at a stoplight and pointing and clicking.

Gravy. It's why I hate not doing city research ahead of time. We missed so much in Buffalo on that one trip, up to and including, visiting the home of the original Buffalo wings - the Anchor Bar.

So, yay for coming home after a crappy day yesterday, and being surprised by a little pick-me-up package from a friend who just got back from there! Woot! Yay magnets!

No worries. One weekend, I'm planning on running away from all this and visiting Buffalo (Yes, Buffalo! Haven't you been reading? That's what this magnetpost is about!) - and seeing its many, many cool buildings and doing the many, many fun things to do there.

Can't wait! No, seriously. Most of you have probably read this magnetblog long enough, to know that I'm serious. I can't wait.
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jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jen said...

Edited: You know, Christian Laettner went to high school in Buffalo. What? I'm just sayin'.

PS: I hate that my previous post says it has been deleted by the author. I didn't say anything bad in it. I just hate typos.

Vicki said...

Sorry for the cheesy quality of this magnet. It was pretty low rent, but the only option:) The wings really are excellent though!

joy said...

Hahaah. Jenny and her weird love of that Duke guy. Whatevs.

Vicki! Are you kidding me? I love this magnet! It reminds me of Popeye. I dunno why. Heh.

G said...

Anchor Bar just franchised into a location in Rochester. Yay! It's in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood! Boo!

Rochester had a similar "Horses on Parade", and you still see some of the statues on the street corners. It was like a treasure hunt and a really good way to revive local color.

The Geek said...

Running the risk of being ridiculed until the end of time for being Jessica-Simpson-esque, I'm going to admit something here:

Right now, reading this post, is the first time I realized why buffalo wings are called buffalo wings.

I'll just go dye my hair blonde now. Excuse me.

joy said...

@Gin, I love seeing the cool animal statues around different towns. They disappear so quickly, and I can't help but wonder if someone will eventually open up the "statues around town museum collection." Dude, I will SO visit that place.

@GG, I promise you, I've had many, far more blonder moments. And, I would bet money that more people than we think don't know it, either.

Of course, now, I'm realizing that even if I'm not that big of a fan of Buffalo Wings, I have a YOOGE craving for them right now. Sigh.

*digs out menu*