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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Batter up!

Magnet #578 - Louisville Slugger

If you haven't learned by now, we'll tour anything.


So, from time to time, we end up taking tours of places that have no real interest for us.


Case in point. The Louisville Slugger Museum and factory tour. I'll be honest. We're not huge baseball fans.

BUT. We are "biggest [insert object here] in the world" fans. And that's what they have! The world's largest bat! Leaning up against the building! Batter up! Literally! It's freakin' awesome! I loved it!

It was a bit of a hard sell to the parents given that we were racing for Louisville (indeed, we were on the last tour of the day), but we figured with all the wood around, my dad with the mad carpentry skillz would appreciate it. My sister and I were mildy fascinated, while my dad resisted the urge to start a bat business. And my poor mother seemed bored out of her mind.

Nonetheless, what a fun tour, and with a great tour guide. We didn't get to see them really making any bats that day, but it's ok, cuz we got to walk through every station to see what each piece of machinery does. Totally cool. (Though, if you can't make the physical tour, check out their virtual tour online.)

Anyway, I picked this magnet for today because of my latest predilection for NCIS, which is premiering tonight. After all, if I hadn't taken that bat tour, I never would have solved that one NCIS case before Gibbs and his team.


Abby was peering into the microscope at a wood splinter, said something like, "It's Ash or Maple," and I bounced up on the bed and yelled at the tv, "It was a bat!!!! It was a bat!!!!"

Boom, baby. I could totally be a crime fighter now.

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The Geek said...

Joy, you're adorable.