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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm a MacDonald

Magnet #585 - Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle

Picked a Scotland magnet, because today, in 1829, the Bobbies started operating as the Scotland Yard. And, even if Scotland Yard is really London's Metro police who just took their name from Great Scotland Yard (a street in Whitehall, London), I'm still using this magnet my sister brought back for me. Because I can.

Urquhart Castle was once the largest castle in all of Loch Ness, and because of its strategic importance, it's been the site of many historic battles. She can't help it, methinks. I mean, the castle's been around since the 13th century, before ultimately getting blown up in 1692.

Now, you can run around the ruins, climbing the five-story tower to get the best views of the loch. Or, check it out, if you don't get motion sickness, there's a 360 virtual tour of the grounds. Pretty neat.

By the way, I'm totally not a MacDonald, but that's part of David Tennant quote from an old radio interview. Three major historic families owned this castle over the last 500 years - the Durwards, MacDonalds and Grants. They didn't tie him to this castle in his episode of Who Do You Think You Are?, but when have I ever passed up a chance to mention David? Even with as thin a thread as this one.

Anyway, to close out this rather silly and somewhat all over the place magnetpost, supposedly, Urquhart is near the castle where the Loch Ness Monster's usually sighted. Personally, I think Nessie's totally nestled underneath, deep below the castle.

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jen said...

Yoo-hoo! Nessie? Where are youuuuuu? That castle and Loch Ness are super super awesome. Worth the 4-hour train ride from Edinburgh.

Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

NESSIE!!!!! "If by 'like the Loch Ness Monster' you mean totally exists and is awesome, then yeah - it's like the Loch Ness Monster." :D

And... DAVID!!!! My dad watched Fear Her last night, and at the end when Rose said, "They keep trying to tear us apart, and they never ever will." and the Doctor said, "Something's coming. A storm." I started crying. (Also, that line Rose said? Ooh, subtle, RTD.)

I have to go to Scotland and ramble about the ruins! And find a hunky Scotsman.