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Friday, September 18, 2009

Kansas City. Change your perspective.

Magnet#574 - Kansas City, MO

Here's what I don't get.

Why is Kansas City in Missouri?

Why are there two Kansas Citys?

Why didn't one Kansas City say to the other Kansas City - dudes, that's our name, get your own damn name?

Do people from one Kansas City like the people from the other Kansas City?

Is there a bad Kansas City to be from?

What must it be like to be from Kansas City, and go, nooooo, the other Kansas City?

How much of a pain is it when people don't know that there's actually two towns?

Do they get each other's mail?

Yes. It's these things I think about when I think about Kansas City. Missouri. Or Kansas.

Someone brought this magnet back for me - I've never been, but now, I think I have too many questions not to go eventually.

And, yes, I've already looked up the factual answers to most of the above. I just liked asking the questions. And, as Voltaire (and our shiny new biz deck at work) said, "Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers."

Lord, I don't even want to know what this post says about me. When you judge of me, judge well.
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jen said...

Maybe one's full of copycats? We always have to ask our writers to clarify which they mean. That's a pain.

julie said...

dude. Gordon and I brought you this magnet from KC when we went to visit Katie. I love KC! Katie's from around there... you can ask her all these questions at the wedding. :) KCMO is MUCH better than KCKS. Hello? It's KANSAS... is there ANYTHING good there? all i saw was corn, a jail, and oddly, sunflowers driving through KS. MO is much cooler.

joy said...

See? That's why I don't want to use magnet attributions - I couldn't remember who brought this one back from KC. I thought it was one of the guys from work.

Malecia said...

Hey, I'm friends with your sis Jenny. I lived in Kansas City, MO. Yes, KCMO is better than KCK (the "proper" abbreviation and the one we used in headlines). My dad could never get it straight that I didn't live in Kansas!

I didn't even know there were two KCs till I moved there. LOL

Anonymous said...

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