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Saturday, September 19, 2009

You never know who you'll be after midnight

Magnet#575 - Inside the minds of car dealers

It's been a while since I've used a regular fridge magnet. I picked up this promo magnet at BEA earlier this year - didn't get to see the booth where it came from, but it's for the book, Inside the Minds of Car Dealers.

It was just after the collapse of one of the major car dealers, because I remember thinking, huh - I bet I know what's in their minds right now. Then I thought I'd use it for when something big happened in the car industry. Uhhh, well, I missed that one, I guess. Heh.

I picked it for today, because last night, after another long day at work, I called for a car service. Generally, the drivers let me sit quietly, but this one was supernice and gregarious, telling me, "you know, you're famous. I just told my friend who I was taking home, she said, [insert my name here], and said [insert my address], and she said, 'yes! Oh, she's a nice lady!'"

As it turned out, it was the boyfriend of Sophia, of the few female drivers in the fleet, who has brought me home several times. He gave me his phone to say hi - because it's been a few weeks since I've seen her, and a lot's happened since.

Anyway, that "hey, I know you" exchange ended up in a long drawn-out conversation on the trials and tribulations of Americans and Corporate America. Mostly, how we've lost our identity as a country, and we don't recognize ourselves anymore. And how the world is a different place now.

That, and how you have to always be prepared, because you never know what's going to happen after midnight.

No truer words.
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