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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well, Jay, you see, it's like this...

Magnet #566 - Jay Leno and George Clooney

Because everyone needs a little happy now and then.

What? My friend got me all these magnetic supplies, so blame her for the monster she's created! I had this postcard from the nice folks at the NBCU Photo Bank, and have thusly converted it into a magnet! Woot!

It's pretty apropos for a couple of reasons.

First. Jay, Jay, Jay. I heard somewhere that your show is starting next week on NBC weeknights at 10pm. Hmmm, now where did I hear that...? Oh, yes. Everywhere. Seriously. You're stalkin' me, man. On TV ads. In Times Square ads. On FB. On messageboards. On Twitter. And that doesn't even count the PR/TVcrix blitz! Oiy. I love you man, but overkill on the marketing dollars. Also? I hope the new timeslot works out for you. And NBC.

Second. George, George. George. The festival season has begun, and my boyfriend and his (real) girlfriend are making the red carpet rounds. (Hmph. My boyfriend certainly has a type, doesn't he.) But, back to the movies - between his serenading O Sole Mio and the many flicks he's showing at many festivals, he's wowing all the crowds at many turns.

Let's see, there's The Men Who Stare at Goats, which I can't wait to see, even if Clooney's sportin' a 'tache that just isn't cute.

There's Up in the Air, which I can't wait to see, even if Clooney's playin' a professional terminator.

And, there's Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I can't wait to see, even if Clooney's pretty mug will be in the shape of (fittingly, albeit dated) a fox.

Hee. It's gonna be a busy, busy rest of 2009, Clooney-movie wise. I love when he goes on a new movie tear - it means he's totally gonna be on every A- and sometimes B-list talk show and in every entertainment magazine, blog and website. Yay for press junkets!

Mind you, my problem is that by the end of it (like every other junket), once you've heard the same messaging and the same stories, you've heard them all. Literally.

That's ok. No doubt, I'm perfectly happy hearing George tell the same (not about the new girlfriend, please have mercy) stories til the foxes come home.
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Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

NO KIDDING. Geez, if Jay's show doesn't work, the network's going to be screwed, because they appear to have blown their entire advertising budget on his durn show. I have nothing against Jay; it's just that I love Conan more (echoes of Brutus, hee) and I am incredibly disappointed in NBC for just giving up on the 9 o'clock hour. And giving Jay a show might not seem like giving up on that prime hour to some, but oh, it just irks me so.

But yay for George publicity! We like seein' that pretty face everywhere. :)

Erika said...

The NBC publicity person introducing the shows tonight at the Paley Center said: "Yes, we have other new shows besides Jay Leno this Fall. Ha Ha."

Am I the only one not interested?

Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

Not at all!

But what I came to say that I forgot before was that I LOOOVE that Joy is MAKING magnets now. Hee.

I have some magnets I am now on a mission to find. Or at least a picture I can send you so you can make one. :D

joy said...

Heh. Don't get too excited, they're pretty ghetto, my homemade magnets. Not at all like my favorite magnet chick's etsy shop!

But, yeah, I'm totally not all that excited about Jay at 10, I'm still mad that NBC backed out of 5 hours of original programming. But, whatevs.

And, I'm glad I was right to not go to the NBC premieres night. Hmmm. I'm likely to not make any of them. Unless V is one of them. Hmmm, must go look.