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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Miso...oh no, you didn't!

Magnet #580 - The Eatery, Vancouver, BC

There's this fantastic article from MSNBC/Careerbuilder with an admittedly very "poor me, I still have a job" slant, that talks about the folks left behind. The ones who somehow, by the grace of the Protect the Bottom Line gods, still have a job.

It talks about about how "strategic eliminations" have basically left behind more work for less crew. And honestly? A crew of less-knowledgeable people who are now desperately running and gunning the vacated positions. That impact will have serious ramifications, at some point, and I anxiously await that day.

This is not that day. And this is not that magnet.

This superterrifically, somewhat inappropriate (and yet charmingly so) magnet, from the funky cool Eatery in Vancouver, came from a new friend I made out that way.

One, who, when I was frantically making calls late on a Friday night to set up a CEO video shoot for Tuesday, actually picked up the phone and took my call, even if he didn't know me from Jack. (Or Andy, given this magnet, I guess. Hee.)

He became a superterrifically valuable resource for me. He jumped in, guiding me through his questions, dealing with my manic, "OMG, how will we ever get this done and I have not a clue what I'm doing because we're so freakin' stretched they're letting advertising account managers do things outside their realm and even if it's not rocket science, it's now something that's totally getting added to my resume," so please help a poor soul.

By the end of a late night, we at least managed to set up the backbone of the shoot, ready for the real!producer to guide the rest of the process.

Whew. There are times when I love this business, and the people in it. It's not often, but when it happens, those people are like gold. Especially when they send you a magnet, without any clue why.

Hahaha, thanks for the help, the chuckles and the magnet, Jean Pierre with the supercool last name from Vancouver! Now you know!

Although, I will say, that after all that we went through all that agita on a Friday night (did I mention Friday?) to get that shoot set up, all we got from the client?

"Great. But note that our name is spelled wrong in the subject header."

Miso something, alright.

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1 comment:

G said...

Miso glad I'm not the only one who's done something like the wrong name on a subject line. Phew.

I await the day of serious ramifications. I'm stocking up emergency supplies of sugared concoctions, dairy confections, and beverages of the adult variety.