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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

16 and Bop

Magnet #1125 - Duran Duran

What? You thought I was kidding about an @duranduran week?

Not a chance.

First, I'm still anxiously awaiting my autographed deluxe CD/DVD from Newbury. And second, I have way too many DD pins magnets to not do the DD marathon.

I'm actually hoping that since my sister stumbled upon all those old Duran pins, that running around somewhere in this house is a giant stack of old 16 and Bop magazines.

Oh, yes. I was totally thatteenybopper, saving up my lunch money to buy the latest issues of all the teenybopper rags. After all, this was before the advent of the Internet - how else was I to find out that my Jaunty John Taylor (at 13, I remember totally having to look up what Jaunty meant) was 26, born Nigel John Taylor on June 20, 1960, outside Birmingham, whose favorite food was Big Macs from McDonald's?

Yep, I totally kept those magazines in business in the mid-80s. Every so often, I get the urge to buy a couple of issues to see what's going on. Of course, I know only about a handful of kids in the mags now, and mostly from the Disney Channel. Buuuuut that's another magnet.

Also. Tonight is the Amex/Duran Duran Unstaged performance, directed by David freakin' Lynch. CanNOT freakin' wait.
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