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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What happens in Miami...

Magnet #1132 - Miami Vice

Once again, I'm dating myself. But c'mon, who didn't have one of these pins magnets back in the 80s? Who wasn't watching Crockett and Tubbs in the 80s?

I've only been to Miami once, for work, so we had to make the most of that trip. But, I can tell you, I never had so much fun zipping through the busy streets and highways in our convertible with the top down, with the Miami Vice opening theme song running through my head as I wondered why doesn't my hair stay in place like it does in TV.

I absolutely giggled when I finally saw the supercool building with the square hole in it in person. I think it's a residential building, but man, you just don't get more 80s than The Atlantis. (at the :47 mark on the below opening titles)

Had some of the best Cuban food ever there - whether it was a roadside tienda on Key Biscayne or Versailles on Calle Ocho...amazing. Missed the Cuban coffee, though...

Nope, I would not object to another work trip to Miami.

However. I will say that that trip the first time I learned how "adults" behaved on work trips. In Miami.

There was the guy who cut all the day sessions, but came in for the dinner with a full golf-shirt tan. There was the married (but not to each other) couple who totally hooked it up. There was seeing senior management dirty dancing in a South Beach club. There was close dancing with senior management in a South Beach club. There was seeing our CFO in only swim trunks at our supernice Sonesta in Coconut Grove.

Oh, yes. I had to wash my eyes out a few times on that trip.

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