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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy drop week, @duranduran!

Magnet #1124 - Duran Duran

Welcome to Duran Duran week on joy magnetism. Yes. A whole marathon, with likely nothing but pretty pins magnets for each day. What?

My sister stumbled across a whole tin of old pins of mine growing up, so I've quickly turned most of them into magnets. Some of them I remember, but I didn't have one of those cool jean jackets with pins all over them in school, so I haven't a clue what I did with these pins.

Anyway, I figured I'd just use the majority of my Duran pins in honor of their newest work, All You Need Is Now which drops today in CD and special CD/DVD editions.

Totally bought the autographed special deluxe edition from Newbury Comics. What? Ya'll know how much I love my Duran Duran. I can't wait til it gets here - I'm like stalking that PO box.

In the meantime, I'll just keep listening to the iTunes album version I bought earlier this year.

So if you see me bebopping down the road, it's really because I'm so very happy I have new DD tunes to dork out over in the car...
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