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Monday, March 7, 2011

The infinite lily pond

Magnet #1109 - Water Lilies, again

Another of my Met Museum Monet Magnet Set. I must say this out loud - after much thought, I really don't think I like Monet's Water Lilies after all.

Sure, they're all gorgeous, but honestly, I can't imagine sitting there in Giverny painting water lily after water lily after water lily in varying shapes and sizes and colors and times of day and season after season and different patterns in the water, over and over again. And yet, they remain his most popular and most recognizable works.

I did magnetblog a few months ago about my online search for the definitive answer for how many water lily pieces he painted, but couldn't find it. All I know is that there are too many to go around. Even in my own collection, I must have half a dozen, and that's just on a single 2' x 4' metallic magnetboard!

There's so many down here that it makes you wonder if that Monet's up there somewhere in a little corner of heaven painting nothing but water lilies.

And maybe the odd haystack or two just for a change.
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