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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet Me on Lake Erie, Dearie!

Magnet #1117 - Cleveland, OH World's Fair

Never been to Cleveland. At least, not when I was old enough to remember it. Which is probably why, until the National Building Museum's Designing Tomorrow world's fair exhibit, I never even knew that they had even had a World's Fair there back in the 1930s.

And yet, here it is, the 135-acre Great Lakes Exhibition of 1936. All that's left is Cleveland's Great Lakes Science Center, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Burke Lakefront Airport. Pretty cool aerial shot, no? At the time Cleveland was the sixth largest city in America (another fact I hadn't a clue about), and the world's fair - like most of the 30s, was an attempt to revitalize cities hard-hit by the Depression.

Wanted to use a Midwest magnet, because I had my first culture clash with the kid from the Midwest a couple of days ago. We were setting up our pavilion for all of our partners, and needed some cleaning supplies. Kansas City dude went out to Target, armed with a list that included paper towels, with a note that said, lots and lots - the big kind.

I've grown to used to New York. To me, that means a three-, maybe four-pack of paper towels. When he came back? He was struggling to carry the fifteen, extra large roll bulk pack! I'm like, dude!

And he goes, you said get the big one! This is big!

Well, can't argue with that, I suppose.
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