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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't be a dope

Magnet #1129 - Don't be a dope

Yeah, that's right, this pin magnet clearly proves that I'm a product of the Nancy Reagan Just Say No generation.

Actually, for me, it was part of a bigger story than the Just So No campaign. In high school, a friend of ours was killed by a drunk driver coming home from basketball game during Christmas break. He was one of the bright lights of our school, and we all took it hard.

A few months later, with the help of a beloved librarian, some of us started our own club called NOISOK, focused on keeping us kids out of trouble, keeping us busy with making buttons and sharing experiences, and helping us band together to just say no to the peer pressures of drinking, drugs, and driving under the influence.

I honestly can't tell if worked for everyone - I mean, I'm still pretty self-righteous when it comes to drinking and driving, and I swear to this day whenever I take a drink in hand, I think of my friend from many years ago.

In the end, you can only do so much to educate. It's still a personal decision, whether or not to drink or do drugs, and whether or not to drive under the influence. But, whether or not silly pins like this are responsible for saving lives (I have to believe they are), it's amazing how the messaging doesn't change in 25 years...
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