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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good grief, Charlie Sheen

Magnet #1104 - Bitch set me up

Well, at least Charlie's not saying there's a big ole conspiracy out to get him, or that any of those goddess chicks or hookers set him up in any way. At least, I don't think he is. I'm trying to delve too far into what he has to say lately.

Not that I stayed up to watch last night's 20/20 or anything. Or that I waited with the rest of the world to see what @charliesheen would Tweet first. Or that I read that weird pyramid of power going around the interwebz today. (I'd link it here, but it's gone around so many times that I honestly don't want to have to dig for who the actual creator of it was.)

I will say that I've also been Tweet-reaming his PR team for weeks, wondering what the hell they've been doing as Sheen gives interview after interview, making a cracktastic, manic, bi-winning fool out of himself everywhere. Then I found out he was George Clooney's publicity dude as well. Oops. Well, I guess for every great client, you have...Charlie "the winner" Sheen.

No judgment here, but I do hope he finds what he needs, that Charlie Sheen.

In the meantime, this magnet - made with reclaimed paper and a vintage (no less) typewriter - is part of a Craftgasm set called "Pearls of Wisdom from Marion Barry." This 1990 quote relates to Barry allegedly (I dunno if he's actually been convicted - what? I took Journalism 101!) smoking crack with a hooker.

Hahaha. I love it. DC Sis got these for me, because she can't figure out how a guy with Barry's record ends up mayor of one of our most influential towns. I'm assuming it's for the same reason a guy with Sheen's imdb and rap sheet ends up one of the highest paid stars ever.

Until now, I guess.
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