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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's next?

Magnet #1121 - Times Square New York

I dunno if it's because I traveled more or if it's because the entire collection is back in NY or if there's just no magnets wherever I go, but the photobucket selection is getting a little thin.

Well, there's always the Tampa airport tomorrow afternoon!

So crazy. I can't believe how this week in Tampa has flown by in a flash. We have final rounds of the Transitions Championship today, and then I fly out tomorrow.

And then I can begin answering some questions of what I want to do next. The whole dilemma is whether or not I'll be living in NY or NC, and while I love NY with all my heart, it depends on what's happening with my dad.

But even if I head back home to NY, there's the next question of what to do next. Do I work in an agency? Do I try to stay freelance? Do I find a job that won't suck my soul?

It seems to be an answer that I can't quite put my finger on - I've had a few folks who've said to just give them the word and I'm in. I'm eternally grateful for those folks, I am.

But, who knows where I'm going next. All I know is that the coming months hold a lot of changes in store for me. It's scary. But exciting, too.
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