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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A beer of choice to say, "So long, Lady of Leisure!"

Magnet #1234 - Yuengling Light

Some friends of mine did the Yuengling Brewery Tour in Pennsylvania last week, and brought me back this magnet. Fitting, since they're the ones who introduced me to it several years ago, during an all-night chatter-session down in Orlando.

I'm not much of a beer or wine drinker - if given the choice, I'll go with liquor every time. But for some reason, Yuengling and I are likethis.

That is, when you can find it. It's a small brewery, so they're only able to service the East Coast, and even then, not all of it. For example, I was told by a 10-year-old (yes, the precocious one from a couple of days ago) that they don't sell Yuengling in Massachusetts. (Her mom's a big fan of the stuff, too.)

And today, we were sipping down some of their Premium batch, which I learned is apparently available only in Pennsylvania.

Sigh. Of course, the only beer I truly like, I have to travel for.

Annnd, there you have it - my last magnetpost as a Lady of Leisure, for tomorrow, I start a new full-time gig. This means, after a year of not really having anywhere to be, I'll be headed into an office every day by nine.

A couple of nights ago I already had the late for work nightmare, so that's out of the way. But, of course, I'm setting every single alarm I have in the house to make sure I actually get up.

Could be painful!
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