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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yo, Antarctica! Hollaback!

Magnet #1254 - Moon Rise Antarctica

I mean, does any one even say hollaback anymore? (Or ever?) Shuddup. I know. I'm 90.

But I'm also trying to get someone from Antarctica to visit joy magnetism. It's the only continent from where I haven't had any visitors. Sigh.

I even resorted to buying this CafePress magnet, because I've finally realized that I might never really spend the thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to get there, nor will I ever find a research project that I can get funded (I mean, maybe we could find out if magnets work down there?), and I'm fairly sure none of my close friends who bring me magnets from their travels will ever decide to go there. And I'm pretty sure that the Twitter folks I follow aren't actually living in Antarctica, as much as just tweeting about it.

But how gorgeous is this magnet? And I'm not just saying that because it's beautifully blue and white and just a nice shot. Although it is.

It just looks so serene and peaceful, and I feel like every tv movie (there's lots) set in Antarctica always shows the harsh conditions of wind and snowstorms and scary monsters coming to get them.

Looking at this peaceful scene, one can almost forget that the average temp is -58F.


So yeah. Anyone in Antarctica reading this magnetpost, come on! Leave a comment, let me know you're down there!

But don't tell me if you know for a fact this image isn't really Antarctica, because I will not like you at all for that.
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