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Friday, July 1, 2011

Pillars of London

Magnet #1225 - Royal Mail Red Pillar Box

So, apparently, there are 100,000 of these red royal mail boxes scattered throughout the UK, and even more throughout other British territories.

I bought this magnet for myself as a reminder of all the Royal Mail post offices we went to while in London a couple of weeks ago.

Now, if you know me and my tendency to overbuy on vacations, you know I'm usually in random post offices to mail stuff back to myself, to avoid having to hand-carry it home.

But this time around, we were ducking into every post office we could to ask if they had the Royal Shakespeare Company 50th anniversary commemorative stamps - specifically, the David Tennant as Hamlet ones.

And in every place we stopped, I'd get the same "Bless her cotton socks" look from them as they opened their books to the RSC page and showed me that they didn't have any David Tennant ones left.

Of course, they didn't. Here it was June, and the stamps had come out in April. Sigh. Oh well.

Oh! And the other reason for using a mailbox today, is because my dad wrote possibly the funniest, most macabre thing ever on a letter today:


Hmph. Take that, Harris Interactive!
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