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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shot of bourbon

Magnet #1252 - Bourbon St.

Come on. Best. Magnet. Ever.

Or certainly the most useful, other than the bottle opener magnets I have.

My friends went down to NOLA for the ALA Conference last month and brought me back several magnets (thank you!), but this magnet is the one that's going on the magnetboard closest to whatever counter we're mixing drinks on.


I do find it funny that I've never been down to New Orleans as an adult, so my association with it is of a very young and superinnocent nature, and certainly not one of the fun and debauchery that I've heard and seen and read.

Eh, maybe someday.
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Kimberly said...

Joy, you have to come to Nouvelle Orleans, now that I will be just an hour away!!! I've never been, and now I can experience with you and Angela and maybe Marian and Christina!!! YES, THIS SHOULD COME TO PASSSSSS... :D

joy said...

Agreed, it should definitely come to pass at some point! I forgot you were headed down there - quelle exciting!!! Bon chance, my friend!