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Sunday, July 3, 2011

We love the

Magnet #1227 - Duran Duran (again)

What? I said I had a million Duran Duran buttons that I turned into magnets! Plus, this one with the boys looking all slick in their skinny ties, shoulder pads and perfectly coiffed hair totally fits for my mood tonight.

A friend is doing an 80s night in a couple of weeks, so I've been trying to get into the mood, having bought my outfit (yes, rather than Frankensteining an ensemble) this weekend. Now, I'm validating my selection by reviewing my yearbooks from the 80s.

Yes. The 80s, my formative years.

And in leafing through those yearbooks - one from 1986 and one from 1989 - it struck me that damn, we had some big-ass hair back then. I can't tell if it was just that it was the 80s, or that we were in rural North Carolina - I suspect the answer is, both.

I mean, it was big, it was wide, it was tall, it was long, and curly. We would hold our hair out to the side, like wings, and we'd spray the crap out of it and hold the curling iron to it, to steam it in place - trying to get our hair to span outward from our heads just as far as we could. In all directions, it would seem.

We'd take a clump of bangs on top and curl it backward, and take the front set of bangs and curl them under, so that the two clumps would perfectly sit atop each other. And it's almost every single school picture - some guys, too. Crazy!

We had one classmate who had a wave of hair sticking straight up. She used cans of hairspray against a wall to make sure it stood straight up. And it took ages to achieve that look, man.

And cans of hairspray. Some friends chipped in one year, and bought one of our BFFs a whole case of Rave hairspray for her birthday.

You know, thinking about it, I'd bet the 80s were single-handedly responsible for the ozone troubles, given how much hairspray we all used.
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