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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I came, I saw, I geeked out. Lessons from #SDCC. - Guest Blogger, DC Sister

Magnet #1250 - Buy More's Nerd Herd

Betcha can't have just one. That's kinda how my sister feels about San Diego Comic-Con.

We went last year for the first time ever, and had a terrific time, so she decided to head back this year.
And, as if that weren't enough, she decided to get tickets for us for SDCC 2012.

I was saving this
Chuck magnet for when I finally caught up on the last season, but it's clear that DCSis totally needed to guest blog on this magnet, given her almost 100% successful stalking of her cuteboys. (FYI, Nathan Fillion and Richard Armitage, look out for the short Asian chick pushing me out of the way to get to ya'll next year.)

Anyway, here's her sound advice to one and all...and maybe we'll see ya'll out in Cali next year.

- joy

Last week I went to San Diego to attend this obscure little event called Comic-Con International.

You may have heard of it.

About 130,000 people queued up for hours to see panels and navigate a crowded convention floor? Why would anyone do that?

I'll tell you why. Because for some godforsaken reason it actually turns out to be...kinda fun!

You just have to want it.

Lessons I learned at SDCC that I will take with me next year. Because there will be a next year (Three words: Hobbit. Richard. Armitage.)
  1. Venture off-site.
    Last year all we did were the on-site events. This year Zachary Levi, from TV's Chuck, held the Nerd HQ, where you could play video games, chill and listen to celebrity panels for a good cause. I went to see stars from shows I love. And got their autographs! And 100% of my money went to Operation Smile!

    And I got to sit so close to Zach that I noticed the wallpaper on his phone looks suspiciously like the little man in that magnet up above! Definitely the highlight of the con for me. That and the awesome live Nerdist podcast with Doctor Who's Matt Smith and Karen Gillan - also off-site.

  2. Expect the unexpected.
    I sat through two panels I thought I wouldn't care about while waiting for one I really wanted to see. Those two panels? Some of the best I saw.

    Christopher Moore was so entertaining I'll have to pick up one of his books. Tsuneo Goda is the creator of Domo! I heart him! His panel was just delightful. [I'll insert here that I learned this last year, sitting through Seth MacFarlane last year for other subsequent panels. Never knew him, didn't watch his shows, but fell promptly in crush with his gorgeous smile. What? - joy]

  3. Make sacrifices, not choices.
    Comic-Con isn't about what you choose to do, but what you choose to give up in order to do something else. It's the "Sophie's Choice" of pop culture: Which panel do you choose: Firefly vs. Torchwood? Joss Whedon vs. John Barrowman vs. Chris Hemsworth? Argh.

  4. Be prepared.
    I would make a terrible paparazzo. That's probably a good thing. But it means my pics of Tom Hardy, Kevin Smith and Frank Darabont on the convention floor are...not good.

    But I am good at grabbing swag. Yay me for getting not one, but TWO Mockingjay pins. (Read The Hunger Games, folks; you'll thank me.)

  5. Spread the love.
    I went to SDCC by myself. Yes, I know. AWWWWW. But I met superfun people, including Joy's blogger friend - The GoldenGait Bridge, her fiance and friend, not to mention the random strangers in line. There's nothing better than discussing which Chuck episode is your favorite or which Doctor is your Doctor (I had this convo several times with several people), than with people who get it.
The best thing about Comic-Con is that no matter what your into - comics, video games, TV, movies, celeb-spotting - there will be very little judgment or hostility.

Unless (apparently) you're a Twilight fan. Then all bets are off.
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