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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shout-out to the 80s

Magnet #1248 - Duran Duran, circa mid-80s

Think this magnet is the last of my Duran Duran buttons from the 80s. Using it for today because they totally got a huge shout-out on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Alex, played by the always adorable Selena Gomez, did one of her spells to be able to remotely watch what was happening elsewhere,

"Please, please tell me now.
Is there something I should know.
Duranium Duranius!"

C'mon, that's an awesome, awesome spell!

And timely, too, since last night, some friends and I went downtown (yes, I know, below 14th street, I was!) to go see an 80s cover band, and (some of us) reliving about a million memories from the coolest decade ever.

What? The 80s definitely had more personality than the 90s or the 00s. Dress-up outfit selections alone prove that.

And no, we were lame and didn't dress up.

Well, not really. I'm of the mind that the brightly colored paisley shirt paired with a pink scrunchie totally channeled me from high school.

Now. If only I'd worn my jellies.
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