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Monday, July 18, 2011

But one mistress here

Magnet #1242 - One Mistress

I might identify with this magnet quote just a little too much. It's why I decided to buy this magnet, instead of any one of a dozen portrait magnets...from the National Portrait Gallery in the London.

But it's true. Unless you're my boss and paying me to listen to you and do your bidding, I hate being told what to do. Doesn't matter who you are, or who you think you are, it makes me crazy.

Honestly, in most cases, bossing me around makes me want to do exactly what you're telling me not to do.

Right? Makes me sound like a five-year-old, and I'll admit, that's probably as long as I've felt this way.

We could chalk it up to being a stubborn Taurus bull, or that I'm the oldest child, or that I've been on my own for almost half my life.

In fact, yes.

Let's do that, and skip the diatribe on marriage, relationships, and the life of a single gal.

Though, if anyone's seen Sir Walter Raleigh (as played by Clive Owen, and before he did that whole secret marriage thing) around, I might could be convinced otherwise. I'm just sayin'.
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vp said...

I love this quote, but yeah, for Clive, I might rethink.:)

joy said...

Hahaha. For Clive, I would rethink *many* things.

markthomson said...

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