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Friday, July 29, 2011

Magic words

Magnet #1253 - Fringe Thank You

I might have bought a dozen too many magnets off of CafePress last week. They weren't all for me, but most of them were, I can't lie.

I picked this one, not because I have a really big thing for Joshua Jackson and that he's the only reason Fringe is still on my TV dance card (even though that's all true), but because I'm becoming a little worried about society at large, and the trend I'm seeing of common courtesy being left in the dust.

You know how when you go through a door, you automatically hold the door open if you see someone coming in behind you, and generally don't let go until they have it, or at least give it a little push to make sure it stays open for that person to catch it?

I once had a CEO enter our office building and basically just walk through and let the door slam right in my face. I've (clearly) held it against him ever since - that's going on...let's see how long since the last presidential campaign? 2008? Yeah, since then. But it's the lack of that kind of small common courtesy (not even a lady/gentleman thing) that tells you a lot about a person.

It just feels like good manners seem to be harder and harder to come by these days - from the quietest bless yous or gesundheit after someone sneezing, to a simple thank you when a waiter refills your glass, or even bothering to step aside to let someone who needs your seat more than you do. What's even sadder, is when you extend that courtesy to someone, that person is more often than not, surprised that you bothered to notice them.

I don't think it's a New York City thing, either. I saw the same time of stuff in North Carolina, too.

And even though I'm not perfect Miss Manners myself, I'm still just a little worried for society no longer having the time or inclination for those magic words and deeds. (I mean, honestly, there's nothing hotter on a guy than good manners, so let's get with it, people!)
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