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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The hand of God, man...or woman, apparently

Magnet #79 - Chapel of the Holy Cross

Picked this magnet for today, because, well it's Sunday, and also, because yesterday, I spent the day in Jersey for my cousin's Confirmation.

A friend of mine brought this magnet back for me from Sedona, and from the looks of it, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, is simply amazing. This church was built and designed by the wealthy Marguerite Brunswig Staude, who just wanted to build a place of worship to "glorify her creator" and give thanks for everything she and her family had received. And, depending on which sources you read - she was a sometime pupil of Frank Lloyd Wright, or she worked with his son to design it. Either way, the chapel definitely has an FLW influence. It's built right into a thousand-foot cliffside - its message is "that the church may come to life in the souls of men and be a living reality."

I'm more of a traditionalist in my Catholic churches - the more old and ornate, the better. And, I'm not particularly religious, but I'm of the firm belief that some places of worship, you can just feel the presence of God. I'm betting the Chapel of the Holy Cross would be one of those places. For me, it's the Church of Saint Francis Xavier in Chelsea, NYC. Just a random side-street church that I go to every once in a blue moon...

...usually whenever I feel guilty enough to notice that I've almost missed Ash Wednesday, and remember in time to get to a mass.
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Jackie said...

That is my favorite magnet in your collection :)

The chapel is truly beautiful and awe inspiring.

joy said...

Hee. I love it, too.

Thanks for the magnet, Jackie!