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Friday, May 2, 2008

You really went out of the house with those?

Magnet #70 - Pompei

Nope, haven't been. Another one brought back by my sister.

Using it only because tonight's Doctor Who episode on SciFi is "Fires of Pompeii." Yes, yes, I watched it the night it came out in the UK on YouTube, but I'm SO happy to be seeing it on a non-YouTube/non-pixelated screen.

Apparently, they went to Italy to film, but they did no filming in Pompeii. Not quite true. There's a YT vid of one of their DW Confidentials, where they're touring the site. And there was geeky-chicy David Tennant,* in full on black socks and shorts. I mean, there were other clothes of course, but nothing's funnier than a man wearing shorts and sneaks...and black socks.

At least, according to my sisters. But, ever since the first time they pointed out the combo, with a huge giggle, I can no longer look at it without a (sometimes) silent snicker.

Turning the subject on a dime...just got home from Iron Man. GO. NOW. SEE IT.

Stay through the credits - totally worth the price of admission. If you're a comicsgeek.

I'm totally not and I still thought it was superduperawesome.

And I tell you one thing, Robert Downey, Jr.?

Wouldn't be caught dead in shorts, sneaks and black socks. I'm just sayin.

Psst...please, no flame posts on David Tennant. I promise. I totally love the guy, despite the geeky-chicy socks.
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jen said...

Boys who wear black socks with shorts and sneakers are weirdos. Trust me. I know.

Erika said...

I watched this episode, and I have to ask ...what's with DT's arched eyebrows???

joy said...

And you say you won't be sucked in.

Just give in to it! You know you want to! Plus, you already watch Torchwood...what's one more BBC show.