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Monday, May 5, 2008

A world at play

Magnet #73 - Mohegan Sun

So, out of the rolling hills and vistas of rural Connecticut is Mohegan Sun, a casino built by the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut.

It's like a step above the desperate casinos of Atlantic City, but a step below the sprawling casinos of Las Vegas. They've pretty much got everything you could ever want in a casino.

The gaming is fun, and there's this cool venue in the middle of the casino floor - a cabaret named Wolf's Den. We didn't get to see Jack Wagner there. Sigh. Don't ask.

But, that blue thing in the middle of the magnet? Is a Dale Chihuly special. His work is pretty much everywhere these days, but this one's superpretty, all blue and white.

We went last summer just for a fun daytrip - I won't lie, we spent a lot of it looking for security cams, and seeing if Danny and Mike from the Monteceito could see us.

Yep, that's a whole 'nother magnet.

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jen said...

Unless you went some other time, we went last summer. Just so you know.

I was trying to say that with an attitude. HEE.

joy said...

Duly noted and fixed, jen.


G said...

Chihuly! I love Chihuly! He's omnipresent and pandering to the masses, but who cares! It's all *swirly*.

Erika said...

I can't remember why we didn't go to Jack Wagner...Did you chicken out?