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Monday, May 19, 2008

You must have a false memory - GAR Day #4

Magnet #87 - St. Louis, MO

It's come to my attention, dear reader, that you may think that I'm a little bitter about not going on the GAR. As truth would have it, I'm still feeling a little relieved that we didn't go. Mainly because of the gas issue, but also, because apparently, we would have been traveling at the height of tornado season. And, this year's tornado season's been the worst in several years.

Still, having joy magnetism take the trip has been fun, seeing what places I already have magnets for. I'd forgotten that my sister had brought this one back for me. Today's the day we would have done the rest of Memphis (Graceland and Sun Records), and then done the mad drive through Kentucky and Illinois to get to St. Louis. (Don't ask - I was hoping to squeeze in two extra states without anyone noticing. Heh.)

I've not visited the St. Louis Gateway Arch, but for years, I thought I had. Seriously. I mean, how do you just forget? Then I realized that it wasn't our family's cross-country trip where I saw the Arch. I want to say it was the Griswolds who saw the Arch, because apparently on our family trip, we didn't even go through Missouri. Heheheh. Oops - hello, false memory.

Anyway, my real reasoning for heading up north to St. Louis (versus just going through Arkansas) was because St. Louis would have bought us Kansas City, and most important, Independence, MO. Independence was the starting point of the Oregon Trail!

And who doesn't love a good game of Oregon Trail!

GAR Track of the Day: Walkin' in Memphis

Incidentally - Doctor Who magnetwatch Day 14. I believe my magnets are taking the QE2 across the pond.

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julie said...

sad that you haven't actually been to the arch. it's super fun! i really like doing the arch when i go to STL. and KC is pretty freakin' fun, too. if i had to choose a landlocked state to live in... it'd definitely be MO. :) and memphis wasn't that exciting (except for the engagement). sun records was just another store front and graceland is expensive to go in. did you get your magnet(s) from memphis?

joy said...

Yep, I got them - that was included in my blanket thanks...from my Doctor Who stuff. Heh.

I debated on using a Memphis magnet, but was torn between the Memphis suitcase and I picked the Arch.