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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rollin', rollin', rollin' - GAR Day #8

Magnet #91 - Arizona

So I spent a good 10 minutes scouring my magnet boards because I couldn't find an Arizona magnet for the first of the two-day segment. Quelle horreur! Then, complete with a spotlight and a chorus of angels - at eye level, natch - was this jobbie.

Haven't a clue where it came from, but thank you to whomever gave it to me.

Today we're driving around New Mexico and Arizona. New Mexico for the Gila Cliff Dwellings - almost the Anasazi stuff of X-File lore, but not quite. And then a few ghost towns...where I pictured the four of us GAR roadtrippers as the Scooby gang, solving a mystery wherein the weird guy who owned the dilapidated inn was wearing a ghost costume to keep people from visiting (because there's a big secret hidden in the ghost town, of course), complete with glowing footprints and explanatory denouement. Hahahaha. Any. Way.

So, the rest of the day was to be Tombstone - dangit, I even re-watched Tombstone so that I'd be able to tell folks that the gunfight didn't really take place at the O.K. Corral, but down the street.

Well, it's not like I really liked the movie anyway. Val Kilmer was just too scary lookin' for my taste. Though, oddly, Kurt Russell and Sam Elliott were pretty compelling.

GAR Track of the Day: Rawhide. Again, probably just would have been belting it out. Oh, who needs a radio or cd player. Heh. b13 may have been right, the singing might have posed a problem.

Success! The great
Doctor Who magnetwatch is complete! Received the magnet set day too late to be my Roswell entry, but can't wait for June!

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The Geek said...

Joy, you get major points for referencing the X-Files storyline that involved them, but you misspelled their name! Anasazi, not Anazasi. That was an awesome time for The X-Files. Totally classic bunch of episodes.

Can't wait for the new movie... I hope it's decent!


joy said...

Duly noted and fixed, GG. Those were a good bunch of eppys.

We saw the Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz panel at ComicCon, and I pretty much think this movie's gonna rock. Well, at the very least, it HAS to be better than Indy4.

The Geek said...

Yeah, but being better than Indy 4 would not be hard. I could do an interpretive dance to a Blue Oyster Cult song wearing a chicken suit and it would be more entertaining than Indy 4.

Actually, I bet that would be hysterical. Maybe I need to set this in motion...

*SO* jealous you got to go to ComicCon...