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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ya'll can have Doctor Who, Doug Ross is MY doctor

Magnet #74 - NBC Studios

In keeping with my love for studio tours...NBC's the most corporate studio tour that I've ever been on. And that's on both the left and right coasts.

The NY tour has a long, storied past - their uniformed NBC Pages have been around for decades. And they really are just like how they were in George Clooney's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and in 30 Rock, as well. They take you through the standard History of NBC corporate presentation and then walk you though several sets in 30 Rock - newshows and Conan, and SNL, too.

The LA tour is just as corporate, but when I went, it was Leno and Marlena's living room from Days of Our Lives. However, I just found out that they're planning a huge revamp over there, so YAY, new tour!

But, the real reason I'm using NBC for today's magnet is because it's May 6, George Clooney's birthday. And, truly, without NBC and ER, George might still be stuck doing what he was doing before ER went into production 14 or so years ago.

Amazing how one life can turn out so different in the hands of some programming directors and producers.

Happy 47th birthday, George!
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jen said...

What studio tour isn't corporate? Heh. But yeah, NBC *is* pretty corporate...

NBC revamp: Another reason to go back to LA in 2010!

Erika said...

Before he was Doug Ross, he was Falconer on Sisters. Also on NBC.

joy said...

Right. Because I didn't know that. At all.

joy said...

But, I did forget that Sisters was an NBC property. Nice.

Cameron McEwan said...

I nearly took the NBC tour on one of the many times I've been in NYC. (For Seinfeld mainly) Did I miss anything?

Oddly enough, I got some great magnets in New York that adorn my fridge, looking at me as I type.

joy said...

Oh, don't get me wrong. Despite the corporate spiel, I fully believe everyone should do the NBC tour - it's too fun not to.

Seinfeld shot mostly in LA, but I want to say someone somewhere in the city does a Seinfeld-centric tour - or they used to, anyway.

But, if you're ever in the city, Screen Tours does a whole 3-hour movies and TV tour - they take you around all the cool locations, and (if they still do it, they show the movie clips, on the bus). It's superduperfab.

What? If you've learned anything about me on this's that I like tours.

And magnets, of course. :-)

Cameron McEwan said...

Yeah, the 'real' Kramer was doing a Seinfeld tour. Didn't bother. I just did my own research and visited all the locations used myself!

There used to be a picture of me, from a NY newspaper, recommending the omelette and milkshakes in the window of Tom's Restaurant/Diner. Might still be there!

I also did my own tour of movie/TV locations after much research. I'm such a geek!

joy said...

Yay for doing your own research!

Dude, I might outgeek you. When we went to LA a few years back, I bought this one book of famous film locations, and we literally spent hours just driving around town trying to find them.

So. Much. Fun.

The Geek said...

Oh, this post title is bordering on blasphemy here... :-)

Aside from Doctor Who, if we're talking ER, I was always a Carter girl myself.