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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore - GAR Day #5

Magnet #88 - Winston Churchill

So, today would have been Harry Truman's birthplace of Independence, the Hallmark tour, and Kansas City. Plus Wichita and Topeka. Yep, it was a very, very long day. What? We were only gonna see the Brown vs. Board of Ed sign, that's all. Heheheh.

And, somewhere along the way, a planned little stopover at the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library, in Fulton, MO.

No, I haven't been sisters picked this one up at the Churchill Museum in London. Everywhere I go, I seem to be one step behind Winston,

  • Blenheim Palace, where he was born during a party.
  • London, obvi.
  • Top Cottage, in Hyde Park, NY, where he and FDR sat on the porch and decided the fate of the world.

Oh, my. I'm stalking a dead world leader.

GAR Track of the Day: You Give Love a Bad Name
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jen said...

Sorry for you guy. You shoulda come with us to the Churchill Museum in London. Best. Museum. Ever. Even Tatay thinks so. Heh.

julie said...

the churchill museum was the absolute best museum ever.

seriously, the one in fulton mo is NOTHING close to as great. and honestly, not as cool for sure.

and what is this track of the day?

joy said...

The GAR tracks of the day were to be part of the original trip - either on CDs or iWhatevers.

No worries, it's totally not a new thing for joy magnetism, it'll last only through the GAR.

Mainly because the music tells too much of me...and because dang it's hard to find songs that I really want on YouTube. Heh.