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Monday, May 12, 2008

Even a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.

Magnet #80 - Bass Pro Shops

Picked today's magnet because I just got done with a chat-session with Josh, a fabulous customer service guy.

I know! How weird! I have a Bass Pro magnet! A friend of mine brought it back from one of his trips, thinking I'd never heard of it. Hehehe, little did he know. Still, it's a funny little magnet to have in the collection.

So, the reason I was online with Josh, was because almost a full year ago, I bought my dad an online gift certificate for new fishing gear. Which he promptly lost, after lying to me that he already used it (and was just covering, because he didn't know how to use it). What. Ever.

Apparently, my dad wanted the gift certificate back, so that he could buy himself a bigger fishing rod, and give his old one to my mother. Which is a right laugh - since for as long as I've known them, my mother's actually The Little Mermaid of the sea. All of the creatures of the sea flock to her and she goes home with coolers full of the weekend's catch...

while my poor dad is lucky if he catches a handful.
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Anonymous said...

what a great magnet! and story!!

joy said...

Hee. Thanks! And thanks for the magnet!