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Monday, June 1, 2009

"Basically the same thing"

Magnet #465 - Myla Jackson

I mentioned this weekend I was at BookExpo America, which brought together publishers and other exhibitors with a passion for books.

I picked up this Myla Jackson author magnet at the Ellora booth, which I've since learned is an romantica/erotica publishing group. (Which I'm not linking to, due to possible NSFW content, but thanks for the swag, folks!)

While at BEA, I ran into an old mentor of mine whom I'd lost contact with and she asked what I was doing now. When I told her that I've completely left publishing [save for occasional editing on the side] and now work in advertising/marketing, she responded with, "Well, it's basically the same thing, isn't it?"


There's a business side of me that says yep, publishing is basically just the packaging, marketing and distribution of books.  And the more you support the book/author - or the brand, in some cases - the more successful you'll be. Or rather, the more books you'll sell.  And that's key.  I get that.

But, on the flip side, hello, knife in my heart.  Mind you, I was in romance, so admittedly, it's not like we were producing the next War & Peace over at Loveswept.  But, still, one would like to believe (no matter how naive), that publishers in whatever genre out there, are putting good, quality books out there that touch people and perhaps make a difference somewhere, rather than just packaging and marketing products for people who hopefully see beyond the cover art, the quippy title, or the crafted sales copy.

Eh, one can debate for hours about it, but I will share one drastic difference for me being in romance versus being in advertising/marketing:

Back in those days, I could put this magnet up at work, along with all my hot shirtless boy cover models, without any shame. They were research, they were the actual models from our covers, and dammit, they were just pretty.  Such a different work environment. (Such a different life, actually.)

Anyway, now, the only pretty boys I try to have hanging in my cube area (in obvious places, and aside from the George Clooney area) are work-related, like the cover of our corporate newsletter with the incredibly hot David Beckham biting a Sharpie, and a giant full-page newspaper ad with George hawking Nespresso coffee machines.

Anything more would probably be considered actionable.

I'll say.

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