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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"The nerve of her...

Magnets #475a & 475b - Zuni Owl Magnerine

...coming here with your face!"
- Susan's snotty roommate, Parent Trap

I promise. This is the last Hayley Mills movie in the marathon.

C'mon. How could I not use this magnet for Parent Trap? Plus, honestly, how can you talk about Hayley's Disney movies without talking about Parent Trap?

I used to wish for a twin. A twin who had my face that I'd find when I finally got sent off to that camp halfway across the country. A twin who had my face that I'd find when I finally got sent off to that camp halfway across the country, who had been living with my other set of parents this whole time, and OMG, you look like me, I look like you, and oh, how happy now we could be, Together!

Ummm, yeah, that never happened for me.

Still. I freakin' adored this movie.

And the sequel with Susan and Sharon as adults, with Tom Skerritt as the leading man.

And the next sequel with the Creel triplets (whatever happened to them?) and the I'm Always Chasing Rainbows song, with Barry Bostwick.

And the sequel to that sequel, where they do the requisite honeymoon. In Hawaii.

And darn it, I'm not ashamed, I loved the remake with (once upon a time) sweet little Lindsay Lohan, too. (An aside, I didn't love it more than Hayley's version, obvi, but Omigod, Cuppy!??? LOVE. Plus, she was adorable playing twins Hallie and Annie. I'd be torn between dads Brian Keith and Dennis Quaid, though.)

Anyway, I don't know a living soul who hasn't seen the original Parent Trap, so I've said my piece. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh again. You might even get goosebumps!

And thus endeth the Hayley Mills marathon...

In case you're wondering, this little guy is a Zuni Owl effigy vessel, pottery from the Zuni Indian tribe of New Mexico. The real one's sitting at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, even though I bought this at the Met, and therefore haven't seen him in real life.

He's supercute, a Magnerine, just one of my growing collection that's amassed since the last time I blogged about these supercool magnets.

I must confess...the reason why I picked this owl for today, is because this little guy:

totally reminded me of Hayley - particularly in this (wrong movie, but right pose) LIFE cover.
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cc said...

Oh, but the Hayley Mills posts were letting you keep with the "happy posts this month" theme!

I knew that they did a sequel to the original Parent Trap with them being older (I think I even watched it), but I didn't know there were a bunch of sequels after *that*. That might be overkill.

I know this means that I have to fork over my cool card but I like the Lindsay Lohan remake better.

jen said...

Heresy! Nothing can beat HayMi. Hee.

Joy, when you linked to PT3 and 4, I had a brief flash of hope and thought maybe YouTube had them. Sigh. Oh, would that those would come out on DVD. But I treasure my original PT and PT2 dual DVD.

joy said...

It's ok, cc. I totally get it...I will say that when it's on, I'll stop at Lindsay almost every time. But not so, with Hayley. Although, I think Lindsay's version is on Disney. Right this second.

And, sorry Jen. I just did a search and I found something, for Hawaiian Honeymoon, but its in Hungarian. Hahahaah.

The Geek said...

I, too, like the Lindsay Lohan version, but I just watched it the other day and found Natasha Richardson's scenes too sad, so I didn't sit through it all.


joy said...

Dude, I know. It was very, very sad. The movie that made me sniffly, made me doubly so - particularly the moment when she's just found out that Annie was Hallie. Or that Hallie was Annie.