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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ducks in disguise

Magnet #466 - Pekkle in Costume

Wanted to use something happy-making in an attempt to make the month of June be the best month ever in 2009.

Sanrio's now retired Pekkle. C'mon. How can you not love this guy.  

He's a lifeguard. Wheeeeet! 

He's a surfer. Hang ten, dude!

He's a pirate! Argh!

I actually have a bigger set of Pekkle with the individual pieces for these costumes on the lower level of my cube at work, so that all the little visiting munchkins can play with him. Kids have a fascinating attraction to magnets - some like to eat them, some like to make funny outfits, and some wonder why Pekkle's pirate outfit doesn't go with the Fuzzy Bear next to the Pekkle set and why Fuzzy Bear's dresses don't work on Pekkle.  Heh.

Anyway, as I was typing this, a supercute news story just came on tv...looks like the news wants something happy to report as well.  Apparently, in Queens, a Momma duck and her flock of ducklings were out for a stroll along a Whitestone Expressway service road...and the little ones fell into the sewer grate!  Oh, noesss!

No worries - the NYPD emergency service guys stopped traffic to fish the nine ducklings out, and they all made it home safely!

Yay! Happy news!

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Vicki said...

This made me smile. It's like May Way for Ducklings ! Maybe you should make June a month of happy posts. I like this.

joy said...

Hmmm, that's an interesting thought - happy posts. Ok. Let's see if I can keep going...

Erika said...

You can do your week of Disney Princesses...that will be happy making for you.

joy said...

Yeah, I was considering Disney Princesses, and they're all lined up and ready to go...but I dunno, it might not make all people happy. hahahaha. Just me. Of course, I'm totally including them.